Friday, February 13, 2009

Reader Comment – 02-13-09

Received a prompt and informative comment today from Michael Petty, whom I assume works with NovaTracker, manufacturer of GuardTrax. He makes the following point about my earlier blog today on that system: “I would like to clarify a point that you made in your blog posting. The GuardTrax SFL does have an encryption capability for those customers who have higher level security issues and needs. All data transmitted by the GuardTrax device can be encrypted if a customer desires such functionality. We encrypt the data for many of our customers. Thank you.” That certainly makes a lot of sense to me. Not all facilities would need the communications links encrypted. High-risk chemical facilities, however, would almost certainly want to have that added protection. NOTE: I did try to contact NovaTracker earlier by email (at, but each time their email server rejected my message “for security reasons”.

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