Friday, February 13, 2009

ACC Cyber Security

There is a very misleading article on about the ‘recent’ release of a series of documents by American Chemistry Council on cyber security issues. The article states that: “The American Chemistry Council’s Chemical Sector Cyber Security Program has added to its suite of cyber security resources with the release of five guidance documents and two white papers”. What is misleading is that none of the documents shown on the referenced ACC web pages is really recent. One guidance document, The Protection of Intellectual Property, was released last month, but all of the other guidance documents are almost a year old. One white paper, Report of Technical Survey Results: Separating Industrial Automation and Business Systems, was released in December, but the next most recent release date was April of last year. I don’t think that this confusion was caused by the ACC. The release dates are very clear on their web site. It looks to me like an over zealous writer on was exaggerating to make the article look more important and timely than it really was.

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