Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chlorine Response Training

I ran into an interesting article over on SafetyOnLine.com. It describes a training film, “Chlorine”, which would be used to train emergency response personnel for how to deal with a large chlorine release. The film is produced the Emergency Film Group and has won “the CINE Golden Eagle award from the Council of International Events and received an Honorable Mention at Videofuego, an international competition for fire service films held in each year Spain” (I haven’t heard of either award before, but that means absolutely nothing). I have not seen the film, but the write up seems to indicate that is covers all of the essential elements necessary for training emergency response personnel. Any community that has a large amount of chlorine stored within, or unreasonably near, its boundaries should investigate this film further. Emergency planners and community service groups should consider reviewing this film; a major chlorine gas release is going to affect a lot more than the standard emergency response teams.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your work, PJ. The problem I always raise with chlorine ER training is that the trainers seem to leave a false reassurance among emergency responders that the local newspaper highlights the next day: "We climbed around on a railroad tank car and now we feel so much better prepared." And they admitted to me that they do not use CI Pamphlet 74, with its worst case scenarios that would suggest that the main equipment the Hazmat Team needs is really good tennis shoes and long-race running expertise. Any info on the impacts and the measured value of this training?

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