Friday, February 20, 2009

ChemSecure Conference

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) is holding their annual ChemSecure Conference next month in Houston, TX. The three day conference (March 23 to 25, 2009) will look at a variety of regulatory actions that will affect the chemical industry. Topics of interest this year will include:
Implementation of the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) requirements for risk-based performance metrics and site security plans as well as what to expect from inspectors as they review the site plans, and ultimately evaluate your site for compliance; Legislative activities in Washington that are likely to impact the CFATS program including consideration of inherently safer technology; DHS efforts to harmonize requirements between the growing list of security related initiatives such as the new TSA rail security regulations, the MTSA and CFATS requirements; DHS and industry voluntary initiatives such as security metrics, voluntary site vulnerability assessments, VBIED trainings and the Chemical Security Assessment Center's efforts to improve DHS risk-assessments and modeling to make their assumptions more accurate on both the regulatory and voluntary initiatives.
Site Security Plan Information The conference will take place shortly after DHS releases the revised Risk-Based Performance Standard Guidance document and rolls out the Site Security Plan tool for CSAT. DHS representatives will provide information on site security plans and the inspection process. They will also discuss a variety of voluntary compliance programs that are available to facilities that are not covered by the CFATS process. Future Legislation There will be programs presented about a number of potential legislative efforts that might affect the chemical industry. This includes the re-authorization of CFATS and one entire session devoted to Inherently Safer Technology. More Information ACC has a brochure available on-line that provides more detailed information about this event. The line-up of presentations looks like this will be a very informative event. I’m looking forward to attending this year myself.

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