Friday, September 26, 2008

Senate CR Cloture Vote Scheduled for Saturday

Well the September 26th adjournment date is officially dead. Senator Reid has announced that he intends to hold a cloture vote on the HR 2638 on Saturday, the 27th. There is no word yet if there will be amendments made to the bill that was passed in the House on Wednesday. If there were no amendments an approval vote in the Senate would send the bill to President Bush and Congress could adjourn.


According to an article posted on there were earlier indications that Sen Reid intended to add language “retaining the current ban on producing oil shale in the West”. Amendments like this would require that the bill return to the House for re-approval, after a brief stop in a Conference Committee; there is no assurance that an oil-shale prohibition could pass in the House.


Note: A cleaned up version of the HR 2638 that was passed by the House is now available at the web site.

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