Friday, September 26, 2008

New CVI Coversheet Now Printable

DHS has quietly corrected a problem with the new CVI Coversheet. The original version that I had mentioned in an earlier blog (see: “Changes to CVI Cover Sheet”) had security protections applied to the .PDF file that did not allow the Coversheet to be printed or copied to other applications for printing. The new version can be printed, but it cannot be copied into another document.


This inability to copy the Coversheet into another document is going to make it difficult to include the cover sheet in electronic versions of CVI documents as required by the new CVI Procedure Manual. You can work around this problem by printing out the Coversheet (in full color) and then scanning your printed copy. This will give you a graphics file that you can insert at the beginning of your document.


If anyone had copied the .PDF file prior to today (it was probably changed sometime yesterday afternoon) they should replace the file with the one currently on the DHS website. Since DHS still has not included a version number or date on the file the only way that you can tell if you have the ‘updated’ version of the Cover Sheet is to open the file. If you see the word (SECURED) after the file name at the top of your computer screen, then you have the old version.

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