Thursday, September 4, 2008

CCPS Process Safety Beacon – Plant Security

The Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) sent out their September 2009 Process Safety Beacon this week. It is a nice 8½ x 11 poster suitable for posting on chemical facility bulletin boards. This month’s poster deals with Plant Security and is addressed to the facility work force.


Plant Security is Everybody’s Responsibility


The poster explains that each individual working at a chemical facility shares in the responsibility for protecting that facility against a terrorist attack. It notes that:


  • “The hazardous nature of the materials handled in the process industries requires everyone’s vigilance to ensure that our plants are secure, to protect ourselves, our fellow employees, and our neighbors. If you work in a chemical storage or processing facility, you are in the best position to observe and address potential security vulnerabilities in your plant. As you go about your work, look for potential security problems, and report them to management so they can be corrected.”

Observe and Report


The poster provides examples of security problems that might be seen by employees. It encourages employees seeing these types of security problems to report them to management. The short list of examples includes:


  • Security lights which are not working, or are inadequate if they are working
  • Broken latches on gates or doors in the plant fence
  • Loose gates, or gates with large gaps under them
  • Gaps in or under fences, damage to fences, fences which are too low, erosion of the ground under fences
  • Objects near fences on the outside which would assist in climbing over the fence
  • Chains and locks improperly secured
  • Gates, doors, or windows on the outside boundary of the plant left open, or propped open.
  • Gates or doors to the outside which get stuck without fully closing.

Process Safety Beacon Information


Anyone can subscribe to receive the Beacon by email every month. You can sign up on the Process Safety Beacon website. AIChE members can request copies of the current Beacon by email.

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