Monday, September 15, 2008

CSB to Hold Public Meeting about Propane Incident

The Chemical Safety Board last week posted a Federal Register notice that they would be conducting a public meeting in Beckley, WV about the January 2007 Little General Store propane explosion. The meeting will be held on September 25th. The Board will hear a report on the investigation. There will be a period for public comment and discussion. The Board will then vote on whether to accept the staff report on the investigation.


While this was an accidental propane release/explosion many of the points covered in the investigation would have a direct impact on planning for a terrorist attack on a propane storage facility. Those points include:


·             “Emergency evacuation,

·             “Hazardous materials incident training for firefighters,

·             “911 Call Center preparations,

·             “Propane company procedures, and

·             “Propane technician training.”

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