Monday, September 22, 2008

DHS FAQ Page Update – 09-19-08

There was only one new FAQ question on the DHS CSAT FAQ Page; it was listed under the ‘Geocoding’ heading. The question was


  • 1584: My latitude/longitude shown on my SVA do not match the latitude/longitude I see on my submitted Top Screen report. Do I need to change it and how do I do that?



When DHS makes their tiering decision they looked at the effects of a successful attack on the surrounding community. They use Landscan data to determine the population at risk. To do that accurately they need an accurate location for the facility location. To insure that the latitude and longitude data was accurate they went back and independantly verified that data based on the facility address. The latitude and longitude reported on the SVA notification letter is the location that DHS used to evaluate the Top Screen data.


This is the reason that DHS is so concerned about the latitude and longitude. Their answer to the question shows this;


  • “If you feel that the latitude/longitude for your facility is incorrect, please examine the address listed for the facility.  It should represent the physical address of the facility, not the mailing address.  The latitude and longitude will be verified against the address and must match; adjustments may have been made to the latitude/longitude as a result of that verification process.  If your address is incorrect, please correct it before requesting a latitude/longitude change.  If you still feel that the latitude/longitude for your facility is incorrect after examining the address information, please request a change in the latitude/longitude from the Help Desk.”

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