Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Updated Top Screen Manuals

Yesterday DHS updated the Chemical Security Assessment Tool web page. Once again there is nothing on the page to indicate what changes have been made. Following all of the links on the page allows you to determine that the Top Screen manuals have been updated. Both the CSAT Top-Screen Question Manual and the CSAT Top-Screen User’s Manual have been updated to version 2.5.a.


I have not had a chance to review the changes in detail, but the Change Log page in each manual provides a quick reference to the changes. So, for now, I’ll reproduce both. I’ll complete a more detailed look at each manual and report on the changes if necessary. There is no mention of a requirement to re-do current Top Screens because of these changes, but the new manuals will be used to prepare any Top Screens submitted from this date forward.


CSAT Top-Screen Question Manual


Version 2.0.a -> Version 2.5.a


  • “Changed Version number to 2.5.a
  • “Updated Table of Contents
  • “Added Toxic UG storage type and containment questions and associated guidance.
  • “Removed Release Flammable questions referring to Methane only.
  • “Added Flammable UG storage category questions and associated guidance.
  • “Changed Methane cavern questions to cavern/non-cavern type containment for any Flammable COI”

CSAT Top-Screen User’s Manual


Version 2.0 -> Version 2.5.a


  • “Changed Version number to 2.5.a
  • “Date changed to July 2008 on the cover page
  • “Updated Table of Contents
  • “Updated release-toxics section 5.1.3 to include additional question on ‘Underground storage type’ and ‘Is below grade containment covered?’
  • “Updated release-flammable section 5.2.3 to describe the revised underground storage questions. The underground storage questions were previously asked only for methane. They are now asked for all release-flammables.”

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