Thursday, August 14, 2008

BRS Labs Follow-up

Last week I did a brief blog entry (see: “Video Recognition System”) on a new video surveillance software company, BRS Labs. This week John Honovich (see: “Review: Security Managers Guide to Video Surveillance”) provided a review of the same company and its technology on his web site.


John, an expert in video surveillance tools and techniques, provides the following observations about the BRS Labs system:


·             “Their offering is fundamentally different than any commercial product.

·             “It has the potential to solve significant security problems not possible with existing video analytics.

·             “The highest potential is in reducing loads on actively monitored video surveillance systems.

·             “It remains to be seen what the performance levels and cost structure they can achieve – a huge factor.”


I’ll keep an eye on John’s site to see if he learns anything more on this company.

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