Monday, August 11, 2008

More Info on Robots and Security

My recent blog on robots and security (see: “Can Military Robots be Used for Chemical Facility Security?”) was pretty well timed, it turns out. The next day, 08-08-08, had an announcement about the upcoming C4ISR conference in San Diego on September 24th and 25th.


Robots and Homeland Defense


While the “C4ISR, Robot Platforms & Sensors Conference” is still dominated by military operations considerations, there is an increasing interest in civilian operations. The agenda lists two speakers on the first day that will address Homeland Defense applications:


  • Paul McHale (DOD) - "C4I – Meeting Military and Homeland Security Needs”
  • Joe Kielman (DHS) - "C4I for the Non-Military Government Sector and Industry”

Following Joe Kielman’s address there will be a panel discussion; “Putting C4I to Work in Civilian Government”. The agenda does not provide a list of panel members, but I would doubt that chemical facility security will specifically be covered. General industrial security is almost certainly to come up.


Robotic Security Capabilities


The second day of the conference will spend more time looking at the current and proposed capabilities of robots. Panel discussion topics will include:


  • "The Platform and the Payload – Cameras, Sensors & Weapons”
  • “The Platform – Air, Land and Sea”
  • “The Payload – Cameras, Sensors & Weapons”
  • “The Software – Managing from Near & Far and Networking”
  • “Tying it all Together: Simulators, Training & Testing”

Industry Displays


Displays by contractors, vendors and developers are a major draw for conferences of this type. Security Network, the organizer of this conference, tries to feature the smaller companies in their conferences. There will be none of the large flashy displays favoring large companies that are so common at most conferences. Each display will be the same size, giving smaller companies a better chance to catch the attention of attendees. A list of companies displaying at the conference is not yet available.


BTW: I do not know what C4ISR stands for though it is probably related to the military acronym C3I – Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence. Anyone else know?

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