Monday, August 25, 2008

Reader Comments 08-22-08

John Honovich


John Honovich posted a comment to last Friday’s blog (see: “Electronic Security Networks”). While he agreed with much of what I wrote, he also had an important observation:


·         “One of the practical challenges I still see is the interaction between IT and security organizations. While it's not necessarily a technical issue, it can become a practical issue to coordinate these two departments working together.  Have you seen or heard such issues?”


The last chemical plant that I worked in did not have a security organization (pre-CFATS). When they installed the video camera system, the contractor worked with the plant, not IT. Our Process Engineer was a computer whiz any way so there were no problems tying the system into the plant (corporate) network. No thought was given to the security of the camera system.


It would be interesting to hear from any readers that have any current experience working out issues between IT and Security.


Fred Millar


Fred Millar posted a comment on his blog about one of my blogs from earlier this month (see: “Community Right to Know and CFATS”). He liked the information and posted a link to an article about the lack of security on rail shipments of hazardous chemicals in St. Louis.


This was the same day that I saw three chlorine railcars sitting on a siding in my hometown for over six hours. There was no one around but the hundreds of people driving by just a hundred feet away without even a fence for ‘protection’. Oh yes, there was an elementary school about a half-mile downwind of where the railcars were parked.


Fred and I frequently disagree on the industrial use of chemicals like chlorine, but I always agree with him that the security on rail lines is less than inadequate.

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