Monday, August 25, 2008

DHS FAQ Update 08-22-08

This week DHS had only a single update/review done on their CSAT FAQ webpage. It deals with the effect of ‘material modifications’ made by a facility between the time their Top-Screen was submitted and the date required for SVA submission. The question reads:


  • “1531. My circumstances have changed from my original Top-Screen submission. What do I base my SVA on—my original submission, or the material modifications I have made?”

There is nothing really new in the answer. The facility is required to submit a new Top-Screen and the current SVA deadline remains the same, unless and until that deadline is modified by the DHS response letter to the new Top-Screen. If the facility believes that the new Top-Screen will significantly modify their status (change the tier ranking or remove the facility from CSAT status) they may request an extension of their SVA deadline, using the new Top Screen submission as justification.


I am disappointed that the CSAT Help Desk did not include the alternate address for submission in their reply. Last week (see: “DHS FAQ Page Update 08-15-08”) I noted that DHS included the street address in their reply about Top-Screen extensions. This is needed when a facility wishes to use someone other than the USPS to transmit their extension request. For those needing that address, here it is:


C/O Dennis Deziel
Chemical Security Compliance Division
Office for Infrastructure Protection
Mail stop #8100
U. S. Department of Homeland Security
Murray Lane, SW, Building 410
Washington, DC 20528

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