Thursday, August 28, 2008

2008 Chemical Sector Security Summit Page Update 8-27-08

Well, it has been over a month now, and DHS has finally gotten around to updating the page dealing with the 2008 Chemical Sector Security Summit. No longer does the page give registration information. It now provides a summary of the going’s on at that gathering.


Unfortunately, the page is fluff with little substance. There are no links to any of the presentations. Yes, I understand that many of these presentations were not prepared by or for government agencies so there are copyright issues involved. But, these were shared at a public forum so there should be no proprietary information in the presentations.  So, copyright issues should have been able to be worked out.


There were no such issues with government agency presentations. It would be very nice if everyone that could not get to Maryland for this conference could get a chance to hear/see what DHS had to say about the Risk-Based Performance-Standards that high-risk chemical facilities will be using on their Site Security Plans. I do understand that DHS is working on a guidance document for those that will presumably be issued in time for the opening of the SSP-CSAT pages. So, maybe the RBPS slides aren’t that important. There were other government agency presentations and speeches by government officials for which links could have been provided.


There is an email address ( to request access to the Chemical Security Awareness Training Program, but that is old news to readers of this blog (see: “Chemical Security Awareness Training”). This is, however, the first official mention that I have seen/heard about this site. That alone may make this page valuable.

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