Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Short Takes – 12-5-23

Users are doling out justice on a Chinese food delivery app. TechnologyReview.com article. Pull quote: “Meituan’s public jury is ultimately more of a light-hearted activity for users who have placed an order and are waiting for it to arrive. Many users who talk about their experiences on social media compare it to a fun and addictive game. In five seconds, they can laugh at some ridiculous user complaints or examples of a delivery that went wrong. Plus, who doesn’t like to feel that you’re doing the right thing and acting in the name of justice?”

Spending deal that helped sink McCarthy sees new hope as conservatives ease up. TheHill.com article. Pull quote: “But Republicans face serious hurdles to passing their remaining spending bills, which include some of the party’s biggest proposed cuts to nondefense programs, amid divisions over spending and thorny policy riders on issues such as abortion.”

OPM launches a cyber rotational program for feds. GovExec.com article. Pull quote: ““At the end of the day, if [participants] can go out and they can learn new skills and bring those back to their agency, and the host agency got somebody that brought some new techniques and new understandings... I think it's a win-win for both agencies and the employee,” said Barke.”

Agency Information Collection Activities: CISA Gateway User Registration. Federal Register CISA 60-day ICR notice. Background information: “The Homeland Security Presidential Directive–7, Presidential Policy Directive–21, and the National Infrastructure Protection Plan highlight the need for a centrally managed repository of infrastructure attributes capable of assessing risks and facilitating data sharing. To support this mission need, the DHS CISA ISD developed the CISA Gateway. The CISA Gateway contains several capabilities which support the homeland security mission in the area of critical infrastructure (CI) protection.” Comment deadline – February 5th, 2024.

Open Meeting of the Internet of Things Advisory Board. Federal Register NIST meeting notice. Agenda summary: “The agenda for the January 2024 meeting is expected to focus on final editing the IoT Advisory Board's report for the IoT Federal Working Group and the recommendations in that report.” 

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