Thursday, December 28, 2023

Reader Comment – New CSB Investigation

Earlier (shortly before yesterday’s post) Rosearray posted a comment to last week’s post on the KMCO CSB report. He noted that the CSB had published their gas well blowout report and then went on to say:

“Now there are still two current investigations: I was not aware of one of these, at the Martinez, CA refinery, which was opened in November 2023.”

Now, if you have read yesterday’s post, I commented that there was one open investigation. When I opened the Current Investigations (same link) page that morning, it only showed the BP investigation. And I have been watching the CSB web site daily for some time and I have seen no mention of the Board sending investigators to the California incident. In fact, I just finished looking at the CSB News Releases page and the latest announcement of a team deployment is to the BP incident.

So, a quick news search, and sure enough, I found two news reports about the CSB investigation of the incident:

Federal Agency Probes Marathon’s Martinez Refinery After Two Large Fires Last Month, December 5th, 2023, and

Chemical Safety Board Investigates Martinez Renewables Fire; Burn Victim Needs Our Support, November 26th, 2023.

The first article reported:

““The CSB is sending investigators to Martinez,” Hillary Cohen, a spokesperson for the federal agency charged with investigating industrial chemical accidents, said in an email to KQED.”

The two articles provide brief descriptions of the incidents, and it certainly sounds like this is a worthwhile target of the CSB’s efforts. Looking forward to hearing more about this incident.

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