Saturday, December 23, 2023

Chemical Incident Reporting – Week of 12-16-23

NOTE: See here for series background.

Rockford, IL – 12-19-23

Local News Reports: Here and here.

Pool chemical leak at school. No injuries, no damage. Not clear from the reporting if this was a chlorine gas leak or a spill of chlorine analogs like sodium hypochlorite.

Not CSB reportable.

Greenville, TN – 12-20-23

Local News Reports: Here, here, and here.

Two separate anhydrous ammonia refrigerant leaks at food factory. 29 people hospitalized. The second leak was discovered after the first was fixed and the lines reopened. Most of the injuries were associated with the second leak. Not clear if the problem was people failing to respond quickly to the second leak, if the leak was in a different location, or if the amount of the second leak was larger.

CSB Reportable.

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