Thursday, December 14, 2023

HR 2670 Conference Report Agreed to in House – 2024 NDAA

After the Senate agreed to the conference report on HR 2670 yesterday by a vote of 87 to 13, today the House took up the Report under the suspension of the rules process. After about 50 minutes of debate, the House also agreed to the Report by a vote of 310 to 118. The Nay votes came from the outer fringes of both parties. The bill, with the revised language from the confernece report, now goes to the President for signature, he is expected to sign the bill, probably early next week.

At the end of the debate in the House, Rep Roy (R,TX) took one last effort to stop the bill by moving to adjourn. The vote on that motion failed by a vote of 27 to 307, with 103 people not voting. The move delayed the final vote on the bill by a little over 20 minutes.

While the vote was bipartisan (on both sides of the issue), the majority of the Yeas came from Democrats (163 to 147) and the majority of the Nay votes came from Republicans (73 to 45). The leadership could not have passed the bill under regular order because there would not have been enough Republican votes to adopt the rule for the consideration of the Report. It remains to be seen if there will be a price to be paid by Speaker Johnson for using Democrats to pass the bill. 

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