Monday, November 27, 2023

Short Takes – 11-27-23

Life beyond the leak for ESA’s CryoSat. article. Pull quote: ““Since 2010, CryoSat has used its Synthetic Radar Altimeter (SAR) to monitor land and sea ice everywhere on Earth to help scientists demonstrate the important role ice plays in regulating climate and being affected by global warming,” says Tommaso Parrinello, CryoSat Mission Manager.” For space geeks.

Georgia case over railroad's use of eminent domain could have property law implications. article. Pull quote: “The case matters because private entities need to condemn private land not only to build railroads, but also to build other facilities such as pipelines and electric transmission lines. There’s a particular need to build additional electric transmission lines in Georgia and other states to transmit electricity from new solar and wind generation.”

In 2024, Republican EV attacks may fall short as swing states reap investment. article. Pull quote: “Of that investment [from the Inflation Reduction Act], $48 billion - or one third - has taken place in Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and Michigan, according to an analysis done by advocacy group Climate Power at Reuters' request. Those four states, along with Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, are the arguably the most competitive in the country.

Indian drug manufacturers benefit from Big Pharma interest beyond China. article. Pull quote: “"Today you're probably not sending an RFP (request for proposal) to a Chinese company," said Tommy Erdei, global co-head of healthcare investment banking at Jefferies. "It's like, 'I don't want to know, it doesn't matter if they can do it for cheaper, I'm not going to start putting my product into China'."”

Chemical Security Standards’ Long Lapse Stirs Backlog Concerns. article. Pull quote: ““Each day that passes without a solution from Congress makes it harder to restart CFATS and adds to the backlog of security reviews and inspections that DHS will need to address,” American Chemistry Council spokesperson Scott Jensen said Tuesday.”

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