Thursday, August 25, 2022

Vacation Shorts – 8-25-22

Yeah, I am on vacation this week, but I am still watching the news and my information sources. To keep the wife happy, I will not be writing any in depth articles (well not many….), but I will publish this short note to point at potential items of interest. [Corrected date in title - 8-26-22 20:42 EDT]

No Cyber Insurance Payout For Attacks By State or State-Supported Actors – Interesting Substack article – Pull Quote: “Therefore, our predilection to blame every significant cyber attack on either a nation state or a nation state sponsored, supported, or affiliated actor has continued and blossomed because there’s everything to gain and nothing to lose.”

Biden administration to address cybersecurity issues faced by chemical sector – Interesting article about ‘announcement’ out of this week’s Chemical Sector Summit (which I have missed because of this vacation) – I have had some folks asking me about this – Maybe next week if I can get some more detailed information –

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