Tuesday, August 9, 2022

CSB Updates Incident Report Closure Schedule

Yesterday the CSB placed a link on their landing page for an updated schedule for the completion of outstanding investigation reports. For a variety of reasons (including not having the full five-member Board set out by Congress) the CSB has fallen behind in the completion of their investigations of serious chemical incidents. Back in November of last year, then CSB Chair (and sole board member) Lemos promised Congress concerted action on clearing the backlog, but did not provide a specific timeline. Yesterday’s publication provides a semi-annual schedule for the completion of specific reports.

The single page .PDF chart lists 16 uncompleted investigation reports for serious chemical incidents dating back to 2016. The Board has not initiated any new investigations since the LyondellBasell incident in July 2021.

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Rosearray said...

The plan now shows closure targets based on the calendar year, rather than the previous plan submitted to Congress that was based on the Federal fiscal year. Mysteriously, one of the current open investigations has been left off the list of this updated plan, namely the Bio-Rad chemical release in Conyers, GA on 9/14/2020 (see https://www.csb.gov/bio-lab-chemical-release-/).

In addition, the CSB has recently expanded its previously moribund "CSB Directory".

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