Friday, August 12, 2022

House to Meet today to Take Up HR 5376 – Inflation Reduction Act

The House will take an unusual break from their Summer Recess today to take up the Senate amendment to HR 5376, which is the vehicle for the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. The bill will be considered under a closed rule with a total of six hours of debate and no floor amendment. This is the typical method of considering partisan bills like this.

The House Twitterverse yesterday made a big show of how the Democrats stopped the Republicans from offering ‘reasonable’ amendments to the bill. Republicans offered 160 partisan amendments to the House Rules Committee, no Democrats offered amendments. When a bill like this is the result of prolonged and careful negotiations in the Senate, there is no way that the House leadership is going to allow any floor amendments to the bill that would toss the bill back into the legislative cauldron of the Senate, not if it is a bill they want to see passed.

There are no cybersecurity provisions in HR 5376 and none of the amendments proposed this week contained cybersecurity provisions.

There is nothing else on today schedule, but the Leadership may take care of some housekeeping measures before the House adjourns this afternoon. Baring something really unusual, the House will not be back in Washington until September.

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