Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Vacation Shorts – 8-24-22

Yeah, I am on vacation this week, but like last night’s post on the CISA advisories makes clear, I am still watching the news and my information sources. To keep the wife happy, I will not be writing any in depth articles (well not many….), but I will publish this short note to point at potential items of interest.

Explosion injures two at oil recycling plant – Articles here, here, and here

Interesting couple of phrases in the first article caught my attention – “a [50-gallon] recycling expansion tank” and “using a unique internal processing technology”.

CISA Announces CSAC Meeting – 9-11-22 – Federal Register Notice – Subcommittee reports - (1)

Building Resilience and Reducing Systemic Risk to Critical Infrastructure Subcommittee, (2) Transforming the Cyber Workforce Subcommittee; (3) National Cybersecurity Alert System Subcommittee; (4) Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Misinformation and  Disinformation Subcommittee; (5) Turning the Corner on Cyber Hygiene Subcommittee, (6) Transforming the Cyber Workforce Subcommittee, (7) Communications Subcommittee.

PHMSA Publishes Pipeline Safety Final Rule 2010 San Bruno incident response – Federal Register Notice.

Industry sets cyber standards for cars and trucks and things that go (unmanned) – Articles here – Press release here – Can we agree to use something like ‘self-guided’ or ‘autonomous’ instead of ‘unmanned’.

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