Tuesday, May 10, 2022

TSA Publishes Rail Security 30-day ICR Extension Notice

Today the Transportation Security Administration published a 30-day information collection request extension notice in the Federal Register (87 FR 28029-28030) for “Rail Transportation Security” (OMB ID# 1652-0051). The 60-day ICR notice was published on December 23, 2021. There are no substantive changes from the previously approved version.

This ICR was first approved back in 2009 and covers the following information collections:

Chain of Custody Documentation,

Location and Shipping Information Reporting,

Railroad Security Coordinator Information, and

Significant Security Concerns Reporting

NOTE: The links above are to the collection descriptions provided in the 60-day ICR notice. Those descriptions are not usually included in the 30-day ICR notice.

There is one minor oddity about this notice. It reports that the annual burden for the ICR is 112,600 hours, but the 60-day notice (and the currently approved ICR) reported a burden estimate of 112,764 hours. This could be a typo or a very minor correction in calculations. I’ll be able to tell better when the supporting document is posted to the OMB’s website, probably later this week.

The TSA is soliciting comments on this ICR. Comments should be submitted through the OMB’s website by June 9th, 2022.

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