Thursday, May 12, 2022

Review – 16 Advisories Published – 5-12-22

Today, CISA’s NCCIC-ICS published sixteen control system security advisories for products from Siemens (12), Cambium Networks, Inkscape, Mitsubishi Electric, and Delta Electronics.

Teamcenter Advisory - This advisory describes two vulnerabilities in the Siemens Teamcenter product lifecycle management software.

OpenV2g Advisory - This advisory describes a classic buffer overflow vulnerability in the OpenV2G open-source implementation of the ISO/IEC vehicle-to-grid communication interface (V2G CI) standard (Siemens is an initiator of OpenV2G).

Simcenter Advisory - This advisory describes an out-of-bounds write vulnerability in the Siemens Simcenter Femap advanced simulation application.

Industrial Devices Advisory - This advisory discusses two vulnerabilities (both with known exploits) in the Siemens Industrial devices.

Industrial Products Advisory #1 - This advisory discusses an improper restriction of operations within the bounds of a memory buffer in OPC Foundation Local Discovery Server of several Siemens industrial products.

Industrial Products Advisory #2 - This advisory discusses a NULL pointer dereference vulnerability (with known exploit) in the Siemens SIMATIC NET PC, SITOP Manager, and TeleControl Server Basic products.

SIMATIC Advisory #1 - This advisory describes an uncontrolled resource consumption vulnerability in the Siemens SIMATIC CP 442-1 RNA and CP 443-1 RNA communications processors.

SIMATIC Advisory #2 - This advisory describes an insecure default initialization of resource vulnerability in the Siemens SIMATIC PCS and WinCC products.

Desigo Advisory - This advisory describes eight vulnerabilities in the Siemens Desigo PXC and DXR building automation devices.

JT2GO Advisory - This advisory describes six vulnerabilities in the Siemens JT2GO and Teamcenter Visualization products.

SICAM Advisory - This advisory describes eleven vulnerabilities in the Siemens SICAM P850 and SICAM P855 electrical variable measuring devices.

Industrial PCs Advisory - This advisory discusses four vulnerabilities in the Siemens Industrial PCs and CNC devices.

NOTE: This advisory is based upon a Siemens update of an  advisory that was originally published on May 11th, 2021 and most recently updated on March 8th, 2022.

Cambium Advisory - This advisory describes seven vulnerabilities in the Cambium cnMaestro On-Premises network management system.

Inkscape Advisory - This advisory describes three vulnerabilities in the Inkscape open-source graphics editor.

NOTE: NCCIC-ICS is apparently concerned that this will be a third-party vulnerability in multiple ICS products. They provide a link to one such affected product, the Ecava SAGE eXtension SCADA animation graphic editor. The linked page only refers to the corrected version of Inkscape and does not mention these vulnerabilities.

Mitsubishi Advisory - This advisory discusses eight vulnerabilities in the Mitsubishi ELSOFT iQ AppPortal.

Delta Advisory - This advisory describes two vulnerabilities in the Delta CNCSoft software management platform.


For additional information on these advisories, including links to third-party advisories, researcher reports and exploits, see my article at CFSN Detailed Analysis - - subscription required.

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