Thursday, May 26, 2022

HSGA Committee Amends and Adopts Cybersecurity and Chemical Safety Bills

Yesterday, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, held a business meeting where they considered 16 pieces of legislation including:

• S 4000, Intragovernmental Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, and

• S 4166, Technological Hazards Preparedness and Training Act of 2022,

S 4000 would require DHS to enter into information sharing agreements with the House and Senate on cybersecurity issues. Substitute language was offered and adopted by a voice vote.

S 4166 would require FEMA to “maintain the capacity to provide States and local governments with technological hazards and related emerging [CBRN] threats technical assistance, training, and other preparedness programming to build community resilience to technological hazards and related emerging threats. Two amendments were offered for this bill. The Committee adopted the amendment offered by Sen Paul (R,TN) by a voice vote. A second amendment offered by Sen Scott (R,SC) was rejected by a voice vote..

Unfortunately, the HSGAC does not make amendments publicly available. So, we will not be able to tell what changes have been made to either bill until the Committee publishes their report.

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