Saturday, July 24, 2021

4 Sponsors Added for HR 4005 - Enhancing K–12 Cybersecurity

On Thursday, four new sponsors were added for HR 4005, the Enhancing K–12 Cybersecurity Act. Two of those sponsors {Rep Miller-Meeks (R,IA) and Rep Hayes (D,CT)} are members of the House Education and Labor Committee, the second committee to which this bill was assigned. Before this addition there were no cosponsors from that Committee. This means that there now may be enough influence for the bill to be considered in Committee.

The House Homeland Security Committee is the primary committee of jurisdiction for this bill. The bill could move to the floor of the House with just a hearing from Homeland Security if Chair Thompson (D,MS) could reach an agreement with the Chair of the Education and Labor Committee {Rep Scott (D,VA)}. Or Education and Labor could markup those portions of the bill under their purview. Or Scott could effectively kill the bill if he had strong objections to either provisions of the bill or felt slighted by a lack of coordinated effort on the bill. These two new cosponsors may indicate that the last two options have been dealt with. 

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