Friday, May 28, 2021

S 1260 Debate Continues – Endless Frontiers Act – 5-27-21

Yesterday the Senate continued their debate of S 1260, the Endless Frontiers Act. One of the amendments was adopted by a strongly bipartisan vote of 91 to 4. It was a very large tariff amendment that had nothing to do with cybersecurity. One other amendment was defeated by a recorded vote.

There were 84 new amendments offered yesterday (but not all were for this bill). One of the amendments (SA 2105, pg S3910) for this bill was a cybersecurity bill from Sen. Ossoff (D,GA) dealing with cybersecurity education. It was similar to S 2013 that Ossoff offered on Tuesday. It is not unusual for Senators to make minor changes to a submitted amendment in order to get it approved for consideration on the floor.

The bill was considered today (more on that after today’s Congressional Record is published tomorrow), but the vote on the bill was postponed until after the Memorial Day Holiday (a week long holiday in Congress).

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