Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Review HR 2980 Markup – Cybersecurity Vulnerability Remediation Act

 Last week the House Homeland Security Committee held a markup hearing that considered seven bills, including four cybersecurity related bills. One of those cyber bills was HR 2980, the Cybersecurity Vulnerability Remediation Act. The bill was ordered favorably reported after substitute language was approved. Both actions were taken under unanimous consent.

The substitute language offered by Rep Jackson-Lee (D,TX) included specifically adding control system security references when discussing the cybersecurity vulnerabilities covered by the bill.

The bill is now likely to move to the floor of the House under the suspension of the rules process.

For more detailed information see my post at CFSN Detailed Analysis - https://patrickcoyle.substack.com/p/hr-2980-markup  - Subscription required –

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