Friday, March 19, 2021

Reader Comments – SSI and Contractors

Long-time reader and frequent cogent commentor Laurie Thomas left a comment on my recent blog post about the introduction of HR 1871. That bill would bill would require the TSA to review procedures and guidelines for the use of the Sensitive Security Information (SSI) designation of information. Laurie points out that government contractors would certainly be affected by changes in the SSI program. Her comment is certainly worth reading, particularly by the staff at the House Homeland Security Committee responsible for this legislation.

Just a reminder to anyone concerned about changes to the SSI program, TSA is VERY slow to make changes to the program. There has been a rulemaking in place since 2004 when TSA published the interim final rule establishing the program. According to the Fall 2020 Unified Agenda, the final rule was expected to be published in August of this year, but that has slipped so many times it is no longer an even aspirational forecast.

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