Monday, March 15, 2021

Additional Markup Hearing Announced – 3-15-21

This afternoon the House Homeland Security Committee announced that it would hold a markup hearing on Thursday for seven recently introduced bills. The bills include:

HR 1833, the “DHS Industrial Control Systems Capabilities Enhancement Act of 2021”,

HR 1850, the “Supporting Research and Development for First Responders Act”,

HR 1871, the “Transportation Security Transparency Improvement Act”.

All three of these bills were introduced last week and the official, GPO, copies of these have not yet been published (probably will not be for about a month). The hearing website provides links to ‘committee prints’ of each of the bills listed and those are the links I have included above.

HR 1850

I did not announce the introduction of HR 1850 last week, because the bill description did not indicate anything of interest. Looking at the committee print, there is one subparagraph in the bill describing the activities of the National Urban Security Technology Laboratory (NUSTL) that has caused me to reevaluate that decision {new 6 USC 322(c)(1)}:

“(1) conduct tests, evaluations, and assessments of current and emerging technologies, including, as appropriate, the cybersecurity of such technologies that can connect to the internet [emphasis added], for emergency response providers;”

HR 1833 and HR 1871

I will be doing separate reviews of each of these bills before the markup hearing.

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