Monday, March 9, 2020

Committee Hearings – Week of 3-8-20

This week with both the House and Senate in Washington before a week back in their districts the big news in congressional hearings continues to be COVID-19 as well as more budget hearings. There is also a markup hearing in the Senate that will look at a CFATS reauthorization bill and the CISA subpoena bill.

Budget Hearings

3-10-20 Budget
Coast Guard
3-10-20 A-DHS
3-11-20 HS-S
3-11-20 HS-S
3-11-20 A-EWR

Budget – Budget Committee
A-DHS – Appropriations – DHS Subcommittee
HS-S – Homeland Security Subcommittee
A-EWR – Appropriations – EWR Subcommittee

The Senate will also be holding budget hearings, but the ones that are scheduled are not agencies that I closely follow in this blog.

Senate Markups

On Wednesday the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee will hold a business meeting that will include marking up 15 bills. Those will include:

S 3045, Cybersecurity Vulnerability Identification and Notification Act of 2019;
• S 3416, Protecting and Securing Chemical Facilities from Terrorist Attacks Act of 2020; and
S 3207, Cybersecurity State Coordinator Act of 2020;

The CFATS bill is still not available for review. Hopefully, I will see it before Wednesday.

On the Floor

As I noted yesterday the Senate will resume consideration of S 2657, the comprehensive energy bill. There is a vote on SA 1407, the substitute language, at 5:00 pm EDT. Further amendments will likely be considered tomorrow and Wednesday. We should see a final vote this week.

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