Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Rules Committee Approves Rule for Consideration of HR 3055 – 2nd FY2020 Minibus

Yesterday the House Rules Committee approved the rule for the consideration of HR 3055, the 2nd FY2020 minibus. The rule provides for the initial debate and offering of 290 amendments. The House is scheduled to start consideration of the bill today after completion of its work on HR 2740, the 1st FY2020 minibus.


Of the four amendments that I mentioned in my earlier post, only two were included in the list of amendments allowed to be offered on the floor during the consideration of this bill. Those were:

233 DeFazio (D,OR) Prohibits authorizing the transportation of liquefied natural gas by rail tank car and prohibits the Secretary of Transportation from using funds to authorize transportation of liquefied natural gas by rail tank car by issuance of a special permit or approval.

264 Maloney (D,NY) Decreases and then increases funding for Transportation Planning, Research, and Development by $1 million for the purposes of encouraging the Department of Transportation to research implementing connected vehicle and autonomous vehicle technologies at Highway-Rail Grade Crossings.

Comment: Both amendments will probably be adopted. The DeFazio amendment vote will most likely be a party-line vote; the Maloney amendment may receive some Republican support.

Other Provisions

There is a provision in this rule that addresses the remaining consideration of HR 2740. Section 7(b) of H. Res. 445 provides that during the further consideration of HR 2740 [starting this morning] “the question of the adoption of further sundry amendments reported from the Committee of the Whole shall be put to the House en gros and without division of the question.” At this point, I am not sure exactly what amendments that includes. It would probably not include amendments that were debated yesterday, but scheduled for votes today, but that is not certain.

Comment: I suspect that this is the Democrats retaliating for the Republicans forcing votes on each amendment proposed for HR 2740. More importantly, it is a warning that the same measure may be applied to this bill’s consideration if the Republicans continue the tactic to slow down consideration of HR 3055. The Democrats apparently intend to complete consideration of the bill this week.

The rule also provides for the administrative measures necessary for the long 4th of July weekend that would start when Congress adjourns on Friday; Friday could be a long day.

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