Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chemical Safety and Security Working Group Listening Session

Today I received a copy of an invitation that was recently sent out to ‘industry stakeholders’ concerning a series of Listening Sessions that will be held across the country over the coming months by the Chemical Safety and Security Working Group to allow the public to provide input into the processes put into place by Executive Order 13650. A copy of this invitation will be published in the Federal Register in the near future.

The first Listening Session will be held in Texas City, TX at the College of the Mainland on November 5th. The start time for the meeting will be 9:00 am (presumably CST) with on-site registration opening at 8:00 am. Advance registration is being recommended (http://www.govevents.com/word-redir.php?id=10867). The session is scheduled to last until 4:30 pm with some sort of break for lunch (I guess).

Public comments are being solicited (this is a listening session after all). Comments are being limited to 5 minutes and an intention to comment needs to be included in the registration. Apparently there is going to be an attempt made to coordinate and consolidate comments.

There will also be provisions for teleconference participation
 (http://www.govevents.com/word-redir.php?id=10874). People participating via teleconference can submit electronic comments (eo.chemical@hq.dhs.gov). There will also be the potential for distance participation in future webinars (11-25-13 and 12-16-13).

Additional listening sessions will be held in:

• Washington, DC – 11-15-13;
• Springfield, IL – 11-19-13;
• Hamilton, NJ – 12-4-13;
• Orlando, FL – 12-11-13;
• California (city TBD) – January 7, 2014; and

• Houston, TX – week of 1-20-14

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