Thursday, October 10, 2013

FRA Publishes RSAC Meeting Notice – 10-31-13

The Federal Railroad Administration published a meeting notice in today’s fiscal fiasco shortened Federal Register (78 FR 62002-62003) for the Railroad Safety Advisory Committee. The October 31st meeting will be held in Washington, DC.

The topics to be addressed in the meeting include reports by the following working groups:

• Train Crew Size;
• Securement;
• Hazardous Material Issues;
• Fatigue Management;
• Rail Failure; and
• Risk Reduction 

This is a very short notice and does not include the standard verbiage about public comments, either written or verbal. I suppose we should be happy that there was someone at the FRA to prepare this shortened meeting notice so that it could be published in a timely manner in the Federal Register.

BTW: There are some interesting documents on the RSAC web site from the August 29th emergency meeting about the Canadian oil train derailment response. I may have a blog post on these this weekend.

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