Wednesday, September 11, 2013

CFATS Knowledge Center Update 09-11-13

Yesterday the folks at DHS ISCD published a news item on the CFATS Knowledge Center that they had revised the responses to two of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on that site. The two FAQs were:

#1614 - My circumstances have changed from my original Top-Screen submission. What do I base my SVA on – my original submission or the material modifications I have made?

# 1663 - I have a Final Tiering determination and SSP deadline, but have not yet submitted my SSP. I have also made material modifications to my site. What should I do?

The news item states that the changes made to the FAQ responses concerned the change to the email used to contact the CFATS Help Desk. The ‘new’ email is This change to the email address was actually made over a year ago and several other FAQ responses have been previously updated for this change. With several hundred FAQs there is no telling how many others (if any) still have this email address to be corrected

FAQ #1614 had an additional minor change made. The old version had a peculiar typo in three locations; an inexplicable ‘^A’. That has been removed in the recently changed version.

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