Monday, September 9, 2013

CFATS Knowledge Center Update – 09-09-13

There was an odd news post this afternoon on the CFATS Knowledge Center. ISCD placed the following brief note in the Latest News section of the page:

“ISCD has discovered an issue in the CSAT system that resulted in duplicative Letters of Approval being sent erroneously to facilities. As of this morning, September 9, 2013, this error has been remedied and the duplicate letters are being purged from the facility case files. All approved facilities are approved based on the original letter sent and not the duplicate letters sent over the weekend. Please note that these duplicative Letters of Approval have only been sent to facilities with an SSP or ASP that had already been approved. ISCD regrets this inconvenience to the regulated community. For any further questions, please contact the CFATS Help Desk at 1-866-323-2957 or”

There is no additional information available at this time. It doesn’t seem to be a serious issue, just a duplicate approval letter being sent out. It will be interesting to see if this was caused by a human error, a computer glitch, or an attack of some sort on the CSAT system. I certainly hope that it wasn’t the latter; that would indicate a potential vulnerability in a secure system that holds the most complete listing of chemical security programs in the United States.

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