Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bills Introduced – 05-22-13

Congress was busy yesterday with a fairly large number of bills introduced. One in particular will probably be of interest to the chemical security/safety community:

S 1009 Latest Title: A bill to reauthorize and modernize the Toxic Substances Control Act, and for other purposes. Sponsor: Sen Lautenberg, Frank R. (D,NJ)

This bill has been widely mentioned in the press because of the wide political range of its co-sponsors and at least initial support by the chemical industry.

There is one other bill that I just have to mention in passing because of its obvious internal contradictions. I won’t be mentioning this bill again.

HR 2113  Latest Title: To end the practice of including more than one subject in a single bill by requiring that each bill enacted by Congress be limited to only one subject, and for other purposes [emphasis added]. Sponsor: Rep Marino, Tom (R-PA) (introduced 5/22/2013) 

You just can’t make stuff up like this.

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