Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DHS ITF IdeaScale Cybersecurity Project – PLC Insecurity

This is part of a continuing series of blog posts about the latest DHS-IdeaScale project to open a public dialog about homeland security topics. This dialog addresses the DHS Integrated Task Force project to help advance the DHS implementation of the President’s Cybersecurity Framework outlined in EO 13636. The earlier post in this series was:

On Sunday I posted an idea under the topic of “What would you like to see a public-private partnership for Security and Resilience achieve? My idea is titled “Identify and Resolve Inherent ICS Insecurity”. It addresses the problem PLCs and other industrial control system components that, by design, allow anyone with access to the control system network to change the programing of these devices; not a new problem to readers of this blog.

I would like to suggest that readers of this blog should look at this particular idea on the IdeaScale site (and all of the others as well). I would like to see comments and discussion on the topic to help the program development folks at DHS better understand the problem. And supportive votes will help to raise the issue to a higher level of awareness with the bureaucrats managing the Framework process.

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