Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Senate Amends and Passes HR 4310 – NDA Goes to Conference

Last night when I reported on the passage of S 3254 I missed one of those interesting parliamentary moves that show up frequently in the Senate. After passage of their version of the National Defense Authorization bill Sen Reid (D,NV) called up HR 4310, the House version that passed back in May. The Senate then amended that bill by substituting the language from S 3254 for the House language. Now instead of S 3254 going to the House for a vote there will be a conference committee formed to resolve the differences in the two bills.

As best as I can tell in a quick scan of things none of the cybersecurity or cyber-warfare provisions in the two bills are the same. There is no telling what will make it into the final bill until we see the version coming out of conference.

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