Monday, December 10, 2012

Congressional Hearings – Week of 12-10-12

I’m a little bit late with this this week, but I have been waiting to see if anything interesting is going to happen on the committee side of things while the leadership tries to work out the tax deal. Even with the wait I have to reach out to a House Rules Committee hearing on a yet to be introduced resolution; oh well the 113th Congress is waiting impatiently in the wings.

The Rules Committee is meeting tomorrow evening to craft a resolution providing “for consideration of motions to suspend the rules”. I suspect that this resolution will deal with the last minute bill that will deal with the ‘fiscal cliff’ and modifications of the House Rules that will allow for the quick up-or-down vote on the bill. What will be interesting is if the wording will allow the leadership to slip anything else into the closing minutes of the 112th Congress like a much talked about FY 2013 Omnibus Spending Bill. I’m not holding my breath.

Tomorrow the House will take up the issue of Going to Conference on HR 4310. This will be an almost pro forma discussion with the only question being what will the conferees be required to ‘insist upon’ in the conference committee? Not that these insistences are really binding, but it will provide a look at what the leadership actually thinks is important to keep in the National Defense Authorization bill.

Oh well, this year and this Congress are fast approaching their final days.

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