Thursday, November 3, 2011

OMB Approves PHMS Gas Pipeline Excess Flow Valve ANPRM

Yesterday the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) web site announced that it had approved the advanced notice of proposed rulemaking submitted by the Pipeline and Hazardous Material Administration in response to NTSB and PHMSA “investigations of current [excess flow valve] EFV installation practices”. The announced approval was ‘consistent with change’; though there is no indication in the announcement of what changes the OMB was looking for.

According to the abstract in the Unified Agenda listing for this rule the proposal would “require excess flow valves (EFVs) be installed in all new and renewed gas service lines, for structures other than single family dwellings”. These valves are designed to automatically turn off gas flow if the flow rate exceeds a set maximum; the intention is to stop gas flow to broken lines and prevent large explosions and fires in buildings with damaged gas lines.

Depending on how extensive the changes required by the OMB, this ANPRM could be published in the Federal Register in the next couple of weeks.

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