Monday, November 1, 2010

Update DHS Chemical Security Landing Page 11-01-10

Today DHS updated two of their web pages that are designed to provide links to information used to help protect chemical facilities. The first was the Chemical Security landing page, the page that provides the first step to finding DHS info on chemical security. They added a link to the Chemical Sector Training and Resources page. The only previous link to the page was on the Critical Infrastructure Protection landing page.

In turn the Training and Resources page was updated. The changes include:

● Added a link to sign-up for notification for changes to this page;
● Removed a list of out-dated training sessions under the Security Seminar & Exercise Series;
● Reworded the section on the Chemical Sector Security Summit to reflect the links to presentations from the last Summit and note registration for next Summit will be published next Spring; and
● Added a description for The Roadmap to Secure Control Systems in the Chemical Sector (to be requested by email).
I have requested a copy of the Roadmap. As soon as I receive it I plan to review it here in this blog.

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