Monday, November 15, 2010

Legislative Advertising

On a number of occasions I have noted that Greenpeace does a much better job than the chemical industry does of using the relatively new social networking tools to spread the word about their opinions on pending CFATS legislation. I have suggested that the chemical industry ought to expand their use of these communications tools for political advertising purposes. Well, someone appears to have caught on (not necessarily to my suggestion); yesterday a couple of interesting Tweets were seen from two different accounts from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (chamberpost and uschamber). Both tweets said:
“How could a proposed chemical security bill force you to lose your next turn? Find out Tuesday, Nov. 16.”
There was no link to a web page, so I don’t know what they are actually talking about; I guess that we’ll have to wait until Tuesday. Maybe we’ll see something come out on YouTube…

I couldn’t find any retweets, so its hard to gauge the impact, but it is a start in expanding their use of social networking. It would be more effective if others in the industry would pass the word along via retweets, but that will take a little education, a little practice.

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