Tuesday, November 23, 2010

PSRC 2.0 Update

Last weekend I did a blog posting about the recent update to the DHS Private Sector Resources Catalog. In that post I listed three programs from the previous version of the Catalog that I could not find in the current version and I promised to get more information on the change. I got quick responses from the folks at DHS and I can now provide more information.

Two Programs are Still There

Two of the programs that I listed as missing from the current program are actually still there.

● Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Awareness Web Training
● Surveillance Detection Web Training
Mary Page from the Commercial Facilities Sector Office was kind enough to point out their location in the Infrastructure Protection chapter (pg 31) of the Catalog. Additionally she pointed me at a listing of the IED awareness training on their web page which provides a link to the registration form.

Program Canceled

The third program that I identified, the Security Outreach and Awareness Program (SOAP), is no longer run by the Chemical Sector Specific Agency (CSSA). This was a cyber security review program run by the CSSA, but responsibility for cyber security issues was transferred to the DHS National Cyber Security Division. Esther Langer from the CSSA informed me that the program that effectively takes the place of the old SOAP program is the ICS-CERT’s Cyber Security Evaluation Tool that I have previously discussed.

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