Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HJ Res 101 to Extend CR

This afternoon the House Rules Committee met to set up the rule for the House debate tomorrow of HJ Res 101. That resolution would amend this year’s Continuing Resolution (PL 111-242) to extend the expiration of the authorization for government spending until December 18th, the Saturday before Christmas. The wording of the 41 word resolution would specifically extend the current CFATS authorization until the same date (the extension in §124 of the Continuing Resolution was tied directly to the expiration date of the CR in the §106 amended by this resolution).

House Resolution 1741 will first be debated for up to one hour and then voted upon. If that resolution passes the next order of business will another hour of debate on HJ Res 101 and then a vote. No major delaying actions will be allowed (other than a possible motion to recommit).

The joint resolution will almost certainly pass giving the Congress another two weeks (plus a couple of days) to decide which option (described in yesterday’s blog). There would always be the possibility of another CR extension to December 24th.

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