Saturday, November 7, 2009

A New Chemical Security Blog

This last week, while surfing the net looking for opinions and ideas on the HR 2868 debate I ran across a lot of partisan sites for a variety of view points on the various issues involved in the discussion. What was refreshing was the discovery of a ‘Joe Friday’ type web site; old Dragnet fans will know what I am referring to… “Just the facts, ma’am”. The Homeland Security Law & Regulation Blog, run by the Roberts Law Group, is refreshing as a site for straight forward explanation of what Homeland Security laws and regulations actually mean. I have mentioned the Roberts Law Group from time to time in this blog for some of the public programs they have put on in advancing the discussions of chemical facility security. I have never had a chance to attend any of their programs, but have heard good things from reader’s that have been able to attend. Actually this blog started up, very briefly last March, but they apparently had some sort of technical issues. They got started back up during the last week in October with two posts on the version of HR 2868 reported by the Energy and Commerce Committee. Those posts dealt with the revisions to the citizen suit provisions and IST provisions in that version of the bill. Both were well written, paragraph-by-paragraph reviews of the changes reported out by that committee. I hope to see this site continue to produce this kind of work. Detailed reviews like these are a valuable addition to the discussion of the regulatory requirements in homeland security. I’ll certainly be checking the site regularly.

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