Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2010 Chemical Sector Security Summit

Yesterday DHS put up a new web page on their site announcing that the 2010 Chemical Security Summit will be held on July 7th and 8th in Baltimore, MD. This will be the fourth such summit held by DHS, marking the three years since the CFATS regulations went into force in 2007. The only registration information available at this time is the fact that there will be no fee required for registration. While the agenda has yet to be set, there will certainly be presentations by a variety of government agencies about the current status of their programs that affect chemical facility security issues. Of particular interest at this summit will be the upcoming changes in the CFATS regulations because of the probable enactment of HR 2868 or similar legislation that will make the CFATS permanent. Additionally, the ammonium nitrate regulations should be finalized (or nearly so) by that date, so there should be valuable insights to be gained about that program. To keep updated on further developments on the 2010 Chemical Security Summit you can sign up for email updates from GovDelivery.com or you can simply continue to watch this site. As more information becomes available I’ll certainly cover it here. Additionally, the link for the 2010 Chemical Security Summit is now included on the Chemical Security landing page. Surprisingly it did not make it to the new Critical Infrastructure Protection landing page. This surprises me because the host for the summit is the Chemical Sector-Specific Agency, a key component of the Infrastructure Protection team at DHS.

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