Wednesday, November 4, 2009

H Res 885 Update

Yesterday’s Congressional Record Daily Digest (published this morning) does not indicate that H Res 885 (and thus HR 2868) will be discussed/voted upon today. That, of course, does not mean that it won’t, just that it isn’t in the announced plans for the House today. William Almond in a Tweet yesterday evening said that he had heard that it would likely be considered tomorrow. If I hear anything new it will be seen here or by Tweet at PJCoyle. Amendment Updates The Hastings Amendment was watered down some by the time it came out of the Rules Committee hearing. Instead of requiring the appointment of a ‘Deputy Director’ for liaison with other Federal Agencies, the revised version requires the Secretary to designate a “point of contact for the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency” and other agencies as appropriate. It then requires the notification of emergency response commissions, etc so that emergency response plans and training can be updated. The Flake Amendment was modified for approval by the Rules Committee. It would only apply to grants under §2103(g)(4), the Worker Training Grant Program. This should make it even easier to get this ‘bipartisan’ amendment approved. The Schrader/Kissell Amendment expands the coverage of §2111(c) to the ‘Agricultural Sector’ instead of just ‘Farm Supplies Merchant Wholesalers’. It specifically adds ‘Agricultural End Users’ to the coverage of this paragraph. It also adds agricultural committees in the House and Senate as recipients of the required reports.

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